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Bangalore catering services web directory is a dedicated web portal providing various information on caterers and catering related companies in and around Bangalore. All caterers in Bangalore are requested to register there company name and details (postal address and other details) with Bangalore catering services web directory. If you are not listed in Bangalore catering services web directory you are requested to send a mail to

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Bangalore caters (caterers) or Bangalore catering services industry includes restaurants providing catering services, school cafeterias (school caterers), hospital cafeterias (hospital caterers), Bangalore catering companies who provide corporate catering services (corporate caterers), airline catering companies (airline caterers) and every one who provides services relating to catering.

Bangalore catering services is responsible for serving more than 1500 clients monthly who are looking for caterers or food catering services in Bangalore. Bangalore catering services promises its esteemed clients to help them find best caterers for there special occasion. Send a message to Bangalore catering services and let us do the job of finding you good caterers according to your budget plans.

In Bangalore catering services web directory we have listed the best Bangalore catering companies (Bangalore Caterers), these Bangalore catering companies (Bangalore Caterers) provide best food catering services on various occasions and are put into various categories to make it simple for the clients to select there suitable requirement. Some caterers provide food and drink only; while others provide various combinations of seating space, waiter/waitress services and incidental amenities, such as limited entertainment. The industries in the sub sector are grouped based on the type and level of services provided. The basic category of catering services are Bangalore catering party, Bangalore wedding party, Bangalore birthday party, Bangalore anniversary party, and Bangalore corporate caterers, Bangalore catering equipments. Bangalore catering services web directory you can find useful information related on goods like ovens and refrigerators and other catering equipments often used by caterers and catering service providers.

The Solitaire Hotel
Hotel Solitaire is a leading caterer in authentic north Indian, Chinese, continental cuisine for food lovers, Hotel Solitaire has been Bangalore's foremost catering service provider. Hotel Solitaire is well known for its mouthwatering and rare delicacies from various parts of India and across the globe. Post your requirement, we will respond.

Sri Rajashree Caterers
Sri Rajashree Caterers is renowned caterers in Bangalore. Sri Rajashree Caterers undertake all types of catering services which include Wedding Catering, Marriage Catering, Birthday Party Catering, Corporate Catering, Kitty Party Catering and any Special Occasion Catering services.


Crystal Clear Hospitality
Best Caterers in Bangalore
Crystal Clear Hospitality offers wide rage of catering services. Crystal Clear Hospitality offers Wedding Catering, Corporate Catering, Out Door Catering, Kitty Party Catering, Chat Masala Catering.


Sushil's Caterers & Decorators
Specialist in Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian Dishes, Stage Decoration for Wedding Party, Birthday Parties, Corporate Catering, Outdoor Catering, Chat Masala Catering and Special Occasion Catering services. Post a message or call us now for more details on catering services.
Copper Chimney
Declared as the undisputed capital of authentic north Indian cuisine by food lovers, Copper Chimney has been Bangalore's foremost culinary landmark. It houses a formal yet relaxing ambience with mouthwatering and rare delicacies from the interiors of Punjab and North-West Frontier.
FBM Caterers
Specialist in Indian, Mangalorian, Goan, Chinese, Cuisine to Cater for weddings, Anniversaries, Birthday Parties House warming, Cocktail Parties, Corporate Parties, Corporate lunch, Get together and all other occasions.
Blue Bell Caterers
Blue Bell Caterers an established name in Bangalore, in the field of outdoor catering has been providing professional, affordable catering services to the corporate, business and private clients of Bangalore since 1990.
Sweet Tooth
Sweet Tooth is a well know brand in Bangalore for Homemade desserts, cookies, chocolates, cheesecakes, breads and baked snacks for all occasions. Specialist in theme cakes as per the requirement of the clients and each cake is a piece of art.
S. Anand Caterers
Caterers for all occasion, we cater food of your mood. S Anand caterers are specialist in Punjabi, Shindi, Chines, South India Delicious. Our skilled and dedicated team of catering staff will take care of your catering requirements.
Mushroom Caterers
Corporate Catering Service Provides. Mushroom Caterers are the favorite among corporate clients as we provide tasty food, excellent catering services, stylish food setting and an outstanding track record. All these qualities make us the most popular corporate caterers in Bangalore.
First Bite Caterers
Catering is a passion at First Bite Caterers. First Bite caterers is well know name among food lovers in Bangalore. Food prepared in highly hygienic condition, blended with the best organic spices and vegetables, we take care of your health. First bite caterers is well accepted food catering services provider in Bangalore.
TAG Caterers
TAG Caterers a leading caterers in Bangalore. We strongly believe that food must be tasty while being nourishing to the body. We are completely natural and eco-friendly in our approach to food catering service. We use only seasonal vegetables and fruits for catering services.
Lakshmi Caterers
Bhojanam Caterers
Krishna Caterers




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Bangalore catering services goes national which means now clients across India can find the best caterers from various town, cities and states from India on Bangalore catering services web directory. Bangalore Catering Services will soon provide a list of caterers from various states and cities in India. If you are from any part of India and looking for caterers, Bangalore catering services will be happy to help you find caterers from your city that suits your catering requirements. Some of the cities with information on caterers include Mumbai (Mumbai Caterers), Delhi (Delhi Caterers), Chennai (Chennai Caterers), Cochin (Cochin Caterers), Pune (Pune Caterers) and Mysore (Mysore Caterers).

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